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The Silva Method
About this course
The Silva Method is one of the world's premie mind development programs and it resembles all the original work and techniques of Jose Silva.  The course is delivered as a 4 day intensive training and its split into two parts.

Part I is the 2 day Silva Life System which teaches you how to relax physically and mentally in a matter of minutes and allows you to master a number of general self improvement techniques aimed to cultivate a positive mental attitudes, improve sleep, enhance concentration, improve memory, re-energize yourself and achieve goals.  

Part II is the 2 day Silva Intuition System which takes you skills to the next level, by cultivating your inner sensing and intuition so that you can start using these tools in a practical context in your life. Through a series of advanced mental exercises you can enhance your creativity and problem solving skills, obtain insightful solutions and guidance, enhance inter personal communication, understand your purpose in life and facilitate better health.

The course is delivered in an interactive manner which combines live demonstrations, guided meditation exercises, case studies, and videos. Participants are encouraged to ask question, share experiences and work in groups.

Course Materials
You will be provided with the SLS and SIS course manuals which include all the exercises that will be covered during the course.

No prerequisites or background reading is required for this course.
Upon completion of the course you are provided with a certificate which states that you have completed the Silva Method program; both the SLS and the SIS parts. Further more you are also given a Silva Method ID number which you can quote in order to repeat the program free of tuition charge anytime in the future.

1. What is the Silva Method?
2. Who uses the Silva Method?
3. Top 10 reasons for learning the silva Method
4. How was the Silva Method born?

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Success Stories
June 23 2012

"Oh how grateful I am, to have found my way to this course!

The cynicism that was infecting my life has started to melt, much to my relief and at last I can daydream without fear of 'that'll never get you anywhere'. I suddenly realized that I had forgotten to heal myself, too busy trying to fulfil the ideal of saving the world with none of the proper tools.

I am so excited about all the possibilities that are about to come my way, from stopping blushing for the first time in 20 years to doing a job I adore. And in time I hope to do my bit for humanity too, however humble that may be.

So again, many, many thanks and my sincerest best wishes to you and your family"
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