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Silva Intuition System
About this course
Course Overview
The Silva Intuition System is the second part of the basic lecture series and focuses on developing your intuition and inner sensing.  This is Jose Silva ultimate ESP program which demonstrates that the human mind has abilities beyond five senses and that these abilities can be harnessed to improve one's life. Human intuition is indeed a trainable skill which can be developed and used in a practical context in your life, for example to enhance your creativity, find a life’s purpose, obtain insightful solutions, improve your relationships, make better judgements, and facilitate better health. 

Course Objectives
The key objectives of the course are to:
  • Awaken you intuitive senses through a series of advanced mental exercises
  • Apply your inner sensing to real life situations and problems
  • Help you discover your life’s purpose
  • Enhance your creativity and your ability to come up with insightful solutions
  • Demonstrate how you can start using these newly found tools to improve your health
  • Improve interpersonal communication and your capacity to understand others
  • Show how you can use your intuition to make wiser decisions

Silva Intuition System Techniques

The course is delivered in an interactive manner which combines live demonstrations, guided meditation exercises, case studies, and videos. Participants are encouraged to ask questions, share experiences and work in groups.

Course Materials
You will be provided with the SIS course manual which includes all the exercises that will be covered during the course.

In order to register for this course you must have completed the Silva Life System.
Upon completion of the course you are provided with a certificate which states that you have completed the Silva Method program; both the SLS and the SIS parts. Further more you are also given a Silva Method ID number which you can quote in order to repeat the program free of tuition charge anytime in the future.

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Success Stories
July 1 2012

"I want to thank you for the wonderful SLS + SIS course! Fantastic! Out of this world! Such a pleasure and privilege!
After the first day of the seminar the pain in my knees disappeared (I injured my knees a couple of weeks ago). I guess that kept me going for the following days.
I also found myself in deep silence, something that I really appreciate.
The class helped me consolidate certain things related to my personal spirituality that I hadn't been paying enough attention.
As about my purpose in life, such a complex and subtle thing put in a very simple and direct manner: to become an winged angel.
Heavenly nuts! That is definitely an acquired taste :)))
So many wonderful people! Such a vibration! The end brought tears to my eyes (I would've probably cried if there hadn't been any ladies around :)  
Making spirituality happen without really talking about it! Humbled and speechless ...
My deepest appreciation!"
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